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Graham and Emma Maxwell are experienced Scottish genealogists who visit the National Records of Scotland and other archives on a regular basis and can conduct research for you there.

Brickwall Research

Our genealogists, Graham and Emma, specialise in helping people overcome a problem in their family tree. Hiring a researcher doesn’t have to mean they do it all for you. Just like when you are renovating a house, you may be happy to do most of the work yourself but from time to time you need to call in the experts to help you out.

Graham and Emma have a high success rate in overcoming problems that have had families stumped for years, and can often do this within just 3 hours of research. The 3-hour brickwall service, which costs £75, is designed to help you overcome a problem and know which way to head next so you can continue on your journey of discovery.

You can either click below to purchase a brickwall package including up to 3 hours of research, or email Emma ( to explain your query and see if this service is right for you. Whether you buy the service online today, or email for more information, Emma will review the details of your family tree and she will be in touch as soon as possible.

Full Research Service

As well as helping individuals to research their family tree Graham and Emma can research the whole thing for you and present you with a report and a family tree chart. See their website for more details.

Quick Lookup

Do you need a quick lookup but live too far away from where the records are held? Perhaps you are struggling to find a Scottish birth, marriage or death record because your ancestor has a common name. Save your Scotland’s People credits and get Graham to search for you.

The National Records of Scotland (formerly known as the National Archives of Scotland) has an excellent online catalogue. Perhaps you have come across something you want to search but live in New York or Brisbane. For a small research fee Emma can search for the document you need and provide high quality digital photographs.

Sadly not all archives allow digital photography yet, but most provide some kind of copying facility. Our standard fee, which includes PayPal fees, copy charges and travel expenses is 25 pounds per hour. Here are a list of archives and minimum fees.

National Records of Scotland - 15 pounds for 30 minutes research.

Scotland's People Centre - 15 pounds for 30 minutes research.

Mitchell Library, Glasgow - 50 pounds for two hours of research.

National Library of Scotland - 50 pounds for two hours of research.

Transcription Service

It can be very frustrating to finally locate an item relating to your family, such as a will from ScotlandsPeople, only to struggle to read it. We offer a transcription service to help you out. We can transcribe most Scottish documents. If you email the document you would like to transcribe we will confirm if we can transcribe it for you and give you a price for the transcription. There is no obligation to proceed with the transcription if the price is more than your budget, but most transcriptions cost around £25. Tree Health Check

Most of our clients are researching their own family tree but need some help from time to time. Some worry that they may have make an error in their research so before they proceed and potentially waste time and money they ask us to check their research. We are now offering a two-hour Tree health check. It’s simple, you share your family tree with us and tell us which section you want us to focus on. We spend two hours checking it and let you know if we notice any errors. We will also let you know how much of your tree we were able to check for you. If you want to expand the search you can, or you can simply carry on with your research.

The introductory price for this service is £50. Add to cart now and we will get in touch to do the Health Check!

We may be able to work with your family tree in other formats, please email us to discuss the options.

Scottish Family History Starter Package

Tracing your family history is a rewarding and exciting experience. With every generation you discover new ancestors, more stories and begin to understand your family history more.

It can be daunting to start tracing your family history and depending how much you know it can be hard to do online. Modern records cannot be accessed online, and if you are new to family history it can be a challenge to get started.

At the same time we understand that most people want to trace their own family history. The solution is simple, for £175 we will help you begin the journey into tracing your family history. Our starter package will give you the boost you need to trace your family history. We will trace your ancestors back a few generations, back to the stage you can do the research more easily online. We will present your family history as an online family tree which you can build on as you continue your research. The package will also include brief tutorials, a list of useful websites and some tips to get you started. This search includes up to 8 hours of research.

If you were born in Scotland all we need to begin is your name and date of birth. If you can give us more information that would be great but we don’t need a lot to find your ancestors and help you connect with your Scottish heritage.

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