Coverage - Mental Health Records

This is an index of the MC2 and MC7 series of records, held at the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh. The title of the series of records catalogued 'MC2' is "Notices of Admissions by the Superintendent of Mental Institutions". The volumes commence in 1858 and most volumes cover one month each. The index so far covers the months of January-June 1858; January-April, July-August and December 1859; and January 1860. More months and years will be added shortly.

The title of the series of records catalogued 'MC7' is "General Register of Lunatics in Asylums". Although the volumes commence in 1858, the first volume begins with records of all patients who were in Scottish asylums on 1 January 1858, including records of patients admitted as far back as the year 1807. These volumes are much less detailed than the "Notices of Admissions", but do contain the date of admission and the date of transfer or death, making it possible to trace a patient through time. The index so far covers admission dates from 1807 through to 2 January 1868. More entries will be added shortly.

We are very grateful to Ian Berry, Trish Jones, Heather McMahon and Roberta Rossely for their help in indexing these records.

The Mental Health Records record set now contains 23,635 entries.

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